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Gangdong  Yuanxing Optics Instrument Co.,Ltd.,established in 1998, is a joint-stock company which is engaged in the development, production and sales of precise measuring instruments integrated with optics, machinery and electricity. Our factory is located at Niushan Industrial Zone, one of the suburbs of Dongguan, and have 5000 square meter’s workshop and 10 senior engineers who come from Guizhou Bureau of National Aerospace Industry Ministry and are engaged in optical, mechanical and electronic technology.

At present, our main products we are producing and exporting are profile projector, vision measuring machine, tool-maker’s microscope, YR serial measuring softwares and various industrial stereo microscope which are widely used in hardware, electricity, plastics, moulding, watch, precious ceramics, PCB, car parts and so on. We had got the production license of measuring instruments by National Metrology Bureau and our products had been awarded ISO9001:2000 quality certificates by British QA Certification Company in 2005, we have been devoting ourselves to improvement of our machine quality endlessly, so many Chinese enterprises even some foreign companies in China all choose our machines. Our products are so popular with customers so that we have been exporting our machines to the countries and regions of Korea, Turkey, Portugal, Japan, South-east Asia etc. Anyway, we advocate the concepts: “High Quality Products, Reasonable Price, Excellent Service” to win the market and customers, we sincerely hope we can go with our customers hand by hand towards a prosperous future
Customer whom we provide service to:
Emerson Network Power Co., Ltd; Foxcom Technology Group; Guangqi Honda Automobile Co., Ltd; Japan KYOCERA Optics Co., Ltd; Japan Casio Co., Ltd; Japan NIDEC SANKYO Corporation; Korea Samsung Electronic Group; Thomson Electric Co., Ltd; Mabuchi Motor Co., Ltd ; Tianjing TOEC Technology Co., Ltd; Japan MITSUBISHI Electric Corp; TCL Corporation; CBC Optronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd; Chongqing Construction Group Co., Ltd; China Jialing Industrial Group Co., Ltd; Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd; South China National Center of Metrology; Uni-President Enterprises Corporation; Shenzhen Polytechnic; Hongkong Asahi Group Co., Ltd (Chang An) (29 sets of YVM-2010CSPC), DongGuan Amami Spring Company Limited (21 sets of CM-300)…………etc.
ISO9001:200 certification

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