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YVM-VT 2.5 dimension manual image instrument
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Instrument use:

This machine is suitable for 2D measurements.It is widely usedin industries of machinery,elecyronics,watch,plastic,moudule etc.


Its functional YR-YCSPC measuring software can realize the functions of all 2D flatness measurements,making map,profile scanning.special SPC statistics,manualCNC,Macrosoopic measurement and so on.Zaxis lifting system adopts granite column,which makes non-contact predsion measurement and flatness measurement available.


Instrument Model

YVM-3020VT YVM-4030VT YVM-5040VT
Measuring Range 300*200*220mm(X.Y.Z) 400*300*220mm(X.Y.Z) 500*400*220mm(X.Y.Z)
X.Y.Z Axis Resoulution 0.001mm
Accuracy X.Y  Axis:(3+L/200)μm
Repeatability 3μm
Magnification 24~156X(12~312X is availalbe)
Measurement Way Video type
CCD 430.00 Pixels high definition CCD (Sony Chip)
Lens Hig-definition 0.7~4.5Xzoom lens
Working Distance 115mm(Video)
Computer Brand computer
Measuring Software YR-YCSPC
Lifting column stable granite column
Instrument Base 000-grade stable granite base
IIIumination Surface and contour illumination both use LED shadowless lamp
dimensions 700*650*950mm 980*750*950mm 1050*800*950mm
Instrument weight 180KG 300KG 500KG

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