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Notes on disassembly and assembly of optical image measuring instrument
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The Lite optical finishing editing
After our customers bought in our image measuring instrument, we often ask how to break, how to install, how operation will not cause damage to the equipment. These problems, in fact should be when we should send the machine to inform customers. In this regard, we apologize. At the same time we are on our website in more detail talk about the image measuring instrument and the matters needing attention.
A machine before shipment, we will do a comprehensive package. First, we will use the protective film of the whole equipment all package thenightbeingdarkandfrosty. To ensure the surface of the fuselage is not touched flowers, on the other hand, can prevent from moisture entering. Because in transit, no one can not guarantee there is no heavy rain weather. Without a protective film after the package, we will use a special wooden box installed machines, and better quality of the foam placed in wooden crates (played the role of anti vibration). After then, the needle box machine nail on the entire wooden case. The packaging process, our staff are very careful and careful. Careful to do. Be careful and action of each package if the equipment is damaged. Including machine loading. All other professional forklift division please pay outside and forklift.
It tells us some details about our company before shipment. Below, let's talk about the details of the machine to the customer's side and the details our customers should pay attention to
When the equipment to the customer designated locations, unloading must pay attention to. To ask a professional forklift technician operation. Under the cargo to the ground, if the floor (for example, on the two floor, here refers to the large instrument), please use the crane. When you first open the nail unboxing the lock, then ordered the surrounding wood removed. Don't scruple. Hammer sledgehammer apart and put the related information of equipment (certificate, instructions, etc. are collected. The floppy disk) to avoid loss. Then the protective film at intact. This machine disassembly is good.
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