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  • CM300 series Profile projector (Reverse Image)

  • CM300光学数字投影仪,采用品质优良的光学系统,使物镜成像清晰,放大倍率准确。非球面聚光镜照明,让光学数字投影仪视场明亮均匀,减少测量误差,保证测量精度。CM300光学数字投影仪能高效地检测各种形状复杂工件的轮廓和表面形状,该仪器广泛地应用于机械制造业、仪器仪表和钟表行业有关的计量室和车间。
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Instrument Model CM-300-A CM-300-B CM-300-C CM-300-D CM-300-E
Metal table size ( mm ) 200*160mm 306*206mm 306*206mm 356*206mm 356*206mm
Glass table size ( mm ) Ø90 196*125mm 196*125mm 262*154mm


X, Y coordinate stroke ( mm ) 50*50mm 150*100mm 150*100mm 200*100mm 200*100mm
Z coordinate stroke ( mm ) 85mm
Minimum displayed value 0.01mm mechanical reading 0.001mm ( digital display )
Projection screen Effective diameter of projection screen ( mm ): 300; range >Ø300mm ( inner lettering line )
Projection screen rotation range: 0-360 °
Angle of rotation machinery display value: 2 ' Angle of rotation machinery display value: 0.01 °or 1 '
Lifting mechanism 45 ° angle of helical gear rail lifting

Objective lense

Magnification 10X(Standard)、20X(Option)50X(Option)100X(Option)
Object linear field of view ( mm )  Ø30     Ø15        Ø6      Ø3
Object distance ( mm )   78.33    44.94       27.63         23.60
Instrument illumination Transmission and reflection of light are 24V/150W halogen lamp
Instrument power supply Switching power supply:110V/22V;50/60Hz
Instrument precision (3+L/100)μm
Outline dimensions 570*770*1180mm
The weight of the instrument 120KG 130KG
Data processor Without YD-8000 digital processor RX-10LCD data processor YD-8000 digital processor
Optional parts The machine is equipped with RS232 interface, can choose 2D measurement software, the use of more convenient

Instrument use:

The apparatus for digital precision projector, is precise and efficient measuring instrument light, machine, electric, widely used in mold manufacturing, metal stamping, electronics, instruments, watches and other industries, universities, research and metrological verification department.

Characteristics of the instrument:
The optical system is excellent in quality, design reasonable, objective, clear imaging magnification accurate, error is shown by measurements (3+L/100) μ M. L is the measured length (unit: mm). On the basis of humanized design principle, rise mechanism of handle and inclination of 45 degrees, the staff labour saving operation, replacing the conventional belt driving, often stuck phenomenon. The machine is equipped with RS232 interface, software upgrade is very convenient. Screen glass exclusive use of carved rice word line, can be used for a long time can not be replaced
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