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  • 凝聚了源兴光学在金相显微镜领域最尖端的科研成果与最精湛的机械设计工艺,是一款具有国际品牌性能的高端悬臂金相显微镜。世界顶级的软硬件配置,目前国内精度最高、性能最稳定、功能最强大。
  • 关键字:LCD panel, conducting particles, FPC-PCB board, Mobile phone accessories, LED accessories
Specification Technical parameters
Model YVM-5040JX YVM-10080JX YVM-13075JX
Working table(mm) 706*606 1180*1040 1690*1150
Glass table size(mm) 530*430 1050*850 1370*820
X.Y axis(mm) 500*400 1000*800 1300*750
Repeat-ability 2μm
CCD High-resolution color CCD
Grating ruler resolution 0.001mm
Accuracy X,Y:(3+L/1000)μm    Z:(5+L/200)μm
Light source Adjustable 5 ring 40 area surface ring LED cold light source
Grass table bearing(kg) 20
Electrical source 220V±10%(AC)50HZ
Dimension(mm) 1050*800*950 1760*2180*1850 1990*1950*1610
Instrument weight(kg) 500 2300 2800
Working height(mm) 850 1050 1050
Image magnification 36~220X
Instrument use
The equipment is mainly used for COF, PCB Bonding effect on the panel, crimping offset inspection and indentation examination, the field of distance measurement and system data upload CIM system.

Manual XY axis, Z axis have function of electric and auto-focus.
The measuring software have highly integrated, can improve the detection efficiency and accuracy.
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