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  • YVM-H Gantry Frame Instrument

  • YVM-H龙门架式手动影像仪专为大尺寸产品测量而设计研发,特别适用于PCB板、大型LCD、大型塑胶外壳、大型模具、大型丝网印刷网板、大型TPTTO丝路、太阳能板等行业的大行程测量。
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Instrument use:

The apparatus is applied to two coordinate measurement for purposes of all application areas.Especially in the PCB board,large LCD,large plastic shell,mold and other industries are widely used in large.


Powerful YR-YCSPC measurement software,can realize all the two-dimensional measurement funtion,also has the film map,product profile scanning,professional SPC statistical,manual CNC,macro measurement funtions.The Z axis also can realize accurate measurement and flatness measurement.


Instrument model YVM-4030H YVM-5040H YVM-6050H YVM-8060H
X.Y Axis Travel 400X300mm 500X400mm 600X500mm 800X600mm
Z Axis Travel 200mm
X.Y.Z Axis Resoulution 0.0005mm
Zoom lens Stadard 0.7-4.5X Zoom Lens
Magnification 24-156X(12-312X is available)
CCD 430.000 Pixels high definition CCD(SONY chip)
Measuring Accuracy X.Y  Axis:(3+L/100)μm
Measuring software YR-YCSPC
Instrument Base Longmen Quartet pipe pack
Instrument base 000-grade stable granite base
IIIumination Surface and contour illumination both use LED shadowless lamp
Overall dimenstions 900*500*1500mm 1100*600*1500mm 1300*700*1500mm 1800*800*1500mm
Instrument weight 350KG 450KG 600KG 900KG
Optional accessories 0.5X, 2X lens (can increase or decrease the magnification)

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