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  • YVM-W Horizontal Image Instrument

  • YVM-W是源兴光学专为刀具行业研发的一款卧式影像仪,是光、机、电一体化的精密高效计量仪器。本仪器可取代卧式投影仪的功能,广泛应用于CNC铣刀,丝锥,钻头等,方便测量刀具的前角、后角、螺旋角、齿隙角、槽前角、牙型角等专用刀具角度。
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Instrument use:

Horizontal image is sophisticated and efficient measuring instrument light, machine, electricity integration. The instrument can replace the horizontal projector function, it is widely used in machinery, mold, instrument, electronics,light industry, is a kind of checking department andworkshop indispensable.


The instrument adopts the YR-YCSPC measuring software,powerful, can inspect all kinds of complex contour and surface shape of the workpiece, such as a template,stamping parts, cam, forming milling cutter and othertools, cutting tools and parts, and a terminal, clocks and watches, diamond and other manufacturers.


Instrument model YVM-2010W YVM-3020W
X.Y Axis Travel 200*100mm 300*200mm
Z Axis Travel 100mm
X.Z axis resolution 0.0005mm
Measuring Accuracy X.Y  Axis:(3+L/200)μm
Magnification 24~156X(12~312X is available)
Zoom lens high-detinition 0.7X-4.5X zoom lens
CCD 430.000 Pixels high definition CCD(SONY chip)
Measuring software Yuanxing Video Measurement Machine software YR-YCSPC
Instrument base 000-grade stable granite base
IIIumination Surface and contour illumination both use LED shadowless lamp
Instrument weight 150KG 190KG

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