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  • Automatic Line Width Tester

  • PCB线宽测量,,PCB线宽检测,PCB线距测量,PCB线距检测
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Automatic Line Width Tester Usage:

It is suitable for automatic detection of the upper and lower width, distance between lines, distance from hole to sideline, and diameter of circular hole, blind hole, arc and so on in PCB.


Characteristic of Automatic Line Width Tester
1., the professional YX-XKCNC measurement software has the functions of fast auto focus, automatic edge detection and automatic measurement. It also has multiple coordinate functions. The workpiece can be placed at will, and the measurement data can be imported into Word, Excel and AutoCAD.
2. semi closed mobile bridge structure. The machine uses the diamond flower structure, good stability, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance.
Grating 3. leading international Renishaw (Renishaw) open metal grating, high precision, good stability.
4. the three axis adopts the import precision linear guide rail and the grinding ball screw transmission system. It has long life and good stability.

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